SMCC Campus Police


Students may bring automobiles on campus, but vehicles must be registered via the SMCC website. After registering, students are responsible for picking up the proper vehicle registration decal from the Student Affairs office located in Kenna Hall.

The decals are to be placed on the back right rear window of the registered vehicle. Students parking in any zone other than that assigned will be issued a citation. Permits for students EXPIRE at the end of the current school year or when the student is no longer enrolled at SMCC.

Parking lots are provided for students. The citation fee for violations will double if the fee is not paid within ten days after the issued date.

Traffic laws are strictly enforced to protect all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Each motorist is encouraged to practice caution, common sense, and courtesy. In most cases, traffic violations will be written on an SMCC campus citation but officers can issue Pike County Justice Court citations, which will require the driver to appear in court if the fine is not paid.


Parking Restrictions/Zones:

ALL SMCC students, faculty, and staff are required to register their vehicle(s) in one of the below forms:

Residence Parking Permit – student lives on campus in one of the approved residence halls

Commuter Parking Permit – student drives to campus to attend classes and/or activities

Faculty-Staff Parking Permit – all SMCC employees

*If a student decides to change their status during the school year from commuter to resident or vice versa, it is their responsibility to notify Campus Police to be issued a new window decal.


Vehicle Registration:

Residence Hall students must be parked at their assigned residence halls. Residence Hall students MAY NOT drive to class, cafeteria, practice, or any other activity on campus. Residence Hall meetings are conducted throughout the school year and parking zones will be explained during this time.

Commuter students must park in the WHITE spaces ONLY.

YELLOW spaces are for faculty, staff, and visitors ONLY.

Pay attention to parking spaces with special signs, for example: DISABLED, CAMPUS POLICE and HEAD RESIDENCE HALL. Students may not park in these spaces, with the exception of the handicap space.

Students  may ONLY park in a disabled space if the vehicle has a disabled decal and/or license plate and the disabled person must be in the vehicle.

The driver of a motor vehicle is responsible for that motor vehicle, but the registered student of that vehicle can be issued an SMCC citation regardless.

Falsification of information under a student’s vehicle registration can result in disciplinary action.

The college reserves the right to regulate the use of a motor vehicle on campus and to forbid the use of that vehicle by any person whose conduct in any way shows they are not abiding by SMCC policies and procedures and state and local laws.

All vehicles on campus must be equipped with a muffler sufficient to prevent noise disturbance. Special attachments to increase noise are NOT allowed.

The driveway in front of Pine Hall is a one-way drive and is to be used for loading and unloading only. Vehicles MAY NOT park in this driveway.

While parking on campus, drivers should not back into parking spaces or position their vehicle so it conflicts with other traffic.

Any appeals or questions about citations must be made to the Patrol Officer Supervisor (Sergeant), Assistant Chief, or Chief of Police in person and within a reasonable time of the issued date.

The maximum speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour. Please exercise caution and common sense and be aware of the many pedestrians about campus. STOP for crosswalks, SLOW DOWN for speed bumps, and OBEY traffic signs at all times.

Administrators, faculty, and staff may report license plates of vehicles for student traffic violations.

All citations are to be paid at the Business Office in the Administration Building on College Drive.

Notice: An excessive amount of citations can result in the loss of driving privileges while on campus and vehicles can be booted until fines are paid in full.


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About SMCC Campus Police Department:

SMCC employs certified law enforcement officers according to Mississippi Code 1972 Title 37 Chapter 29 Section 275. This law authorizes SMCC police officers to have complete law enforcement powers on the campus and within 500 feet of SMCC property. All students, employees, and visitors are urged to respect the full authority of these officers.

A Message from the Chief:

Hello and welcome to our campus. The SMCC Police Department is a team of professionals working to provide a safe and secure environment in which the educational mission of the college can be fully realized. Our officers and staff are service-oriented and committed to the safety and well-being of those associated with SMCC.

We provide crime prevention and control, criminal investigation, traffic and parking supervision, disaster coordination, maintenance of public order, and other related law enforcement services.

We work closely with the Vice President of Student Affairs Office to ensure the policies and procedures of SMCC, as well as state and local laws, are uniformly executed and conveyed in a clear and consistent manner to our students, faculty and staff.

The SMCC Police Department’s primary mission and responsibility is to provide visible, professional, and courteous service for all students, employees, and visitors while on our campus. We will enforce SMCC policies, procedures and regulations, and all state and local laws.

Officers are in constant radio communication with Central Dispatch as well as all surrounding law enforcement agencies. Our office is located on the north side of the Brumfield Building on College Drive (south of the lake) and officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.


Chief David L. Adams

601-551-3837 (cell)

601-276-2007 (office)


Roll Call/Contact Information:

In Case of Emergencies -- Dial 911

Campus Police -- 601-551-3838 (ON-DUTY officer) -- 601-276-3838 (Office)

Chief David L. Adams | 601-551-3837 (cell) 601-276-2007 (office)

Assistant Chief Twandy Newson-Fields |

Sergeant Brad Dunaway |

Campus Police Email |



  1. Always lock your vehicle
  2. Never leave valuable items in your vehicle
  3. We will jump-start vehicles BUT we do not unlock vehicles
  4. Keep a record of the make, model, and serial number of all valuables
  5. Never leave personal belongings unattended
  6. Report missing items as soon as possible
  7. Have keys in hand when walking to your vehicle in the parking lot
  8. Don’t look like an “easy target”
  9. Report any domestic violence or harassment to Campus Police
  10. Report suspicious activity or persons to Campus Police
  11. Call Campus Police in the event of a motor vehicle accident
  12. Contact Campus Police if you have security-related questions

We are here to help and assist. 

You can report anonymously through Silent Witness