Workforce Facilities Rental

To request rental of the Regional Workforce Training Center’s conference hall, conference room, classroom(s), or computer lab, please complete the form below:

Classroom 1/2 Day State Rate $50.00
Classroom Day State Rate $100.00
Classroom 1/2 Day Community/For Profit/Corporate $100.00
Classroom Day Community/For Profit/Corporate $200.00
Computer Lab 1/2 Day State Rate $100.00
Computer Lab Day State Rate $200.00
Conference Room   State Rate $100.00
Conference Room   Community/For Profit/Corporate $200.00
Conference Hall 1/2 Day State Rate $200.00
Conference Hall Day State Rate $400.00
Conference Hall 1/2 Day Community/For Profit/Corporate $400.00
Conference Hall Day Community/For Profit/Corporate $800.00

Half Day (5 hours or less; includes setup)

Full Day (anything over 5 hours)

Security available $20.00/hour - call Chief Adams 

Workforce Facilities Rental