Workforce/Basic Skills Training

The Workforce Training Coordinators at Southwest MS Community College address the district's needs for upgrading basic skills and technical levels. Employees can learn and adapt to new technology as well as develop communication and problem solving skills. This training bridges the gap between existing knowledge and skills needed to perform in today's workforce. These classes help individuals prepare for a job, get a better job, or simply enhance basic skills.

Why Do We Need Training?

  • Fewer available qualified applicants
  • Introduction of new technology and equipment
  • Changes in employee responsibilities because of downsizing or shifts in management organization
  • Improve worker performance and productivity

What Can Training Programs Do For Business?

  • Improve basic workplace communication skills (oral and written)
    • Training for any reading material (manuals, charts, graphs, etc.)
    • Lessons on specific forms or documents used on the job
    • Lessons on basic technical communication skills
  • Improve basic workplace math skills
    • Training using mathematical functions or calculations required of an employee
    • Lessons in measurements and measuring devices
    • NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificate) Preparatory Training
  • Also available
    • Computer software applications training
    • Supervisor training
    • Employee certification training
    • NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificate) Workkeys Testing


Upcoming Training Courses


Contact Information

Loran Gerald
Workforce Training Coordinator
Regional Workforce Training Center
Room 110
(601) 276-2442