Parking Permits

Students may bring automobiles on campus, but vehicles must be registered via the SMCC website.  Students parking in any zone other than that assigned will be ticketed.  Parking lots are provided for students.  The charge for parking violations will double if fee is not paid within ten days after receiving a ticket.


Traffic laws are enforced to protect all community members.  Each motorist is encouraged to practice caution, common sense, and courtesy.


The campus has three types of parking restrictions; these are regulated by zone parking.  Residence hall students will park in D zones.  Commuter students will park in C zones, and faculty and staff will park in F zones.




Zone Parking


Commuter Parking: A student who is taking classes at Southwest Mississippi Community College and drives to and from school daily. Students must park in C Zone parking spots.  C Zone parking is within the white marked spaces on the streets, on parking lot at the cafeteria, on parking lot east of the Huddleston Career Technical Building, on parking lot in front of the Bryan Science Building, on the large parking lot west of Bryan Science Building, and on the parking lot at the Humanities Building.


Resident Hall Parking: A student who is taking classes at Southwest Mississippi Community College and lives in one of the Resident Halls on campus. Students must park in D Zone parking spots.  D Zone parking is within the white marked spaces in the front of the Men’s Residence Hall, north of the Holmes Gymnasium, behind and south of the Athletic Residence Hall, in the front of Alford Conerly Hall.. Overflow is available across from the William C and Lula B. Ford Library and west of the Huddleston Career Technical Building.   


Faculty/Staff Parking: An employee of Southwest Mississippi Community College who is designated to park in F Zone but may also use C Zone and D Zone if necessary. Faculty/Staff are not allowed to let any student of Southwest Mississippi Community College to use their Faculty/Staff permit to park in F Zones.




Vehicle Registration


All faculty, staff, and students that operate and park a motor vehicle on the campus must register the vehicle. Students must obtain a temporary hangtag if you come on campus in a vehicle that is not registered at SMCC.

Students shall register their vehicles online through the SMCC website.

The registered owner of the motor vehicle, regardless of who is driving, is at all times responsible for that motor vehicle.

The registration fee for the first motor vehicle is included in the student’s Student Services fee.

Falsification of information listed in Access Southwest under a student’s vehicle registration section will result in disciplinary action.

The college reserves the right to regulate the use of a motor vehicle on the campus and to forbid the use of a motor vehicle by any person whose conduct in any way shows that they are not abiding by the school regulations. Any person who brings a vehicle on campus is responsible for the vehicle.

All motor vehicles on campus must be equipped with a muffler sufficient to prevent disturbing noises. Special attachments to increase noise will not be allowed.

The driveway in front of the Women’s Residence Hall is a one-way drive and is for loading and unloading only. Cars may not park in this driveway.

While parking on campus, drivers should not back into parking spaces or position vehicle in parking spaces so that it may conflict with other traffic.

Parking or traffic ticket appeals must be made to the campus police chief within three days of receiving a ticket.

The maximum speed limit is 20 MPH.

Traffic signs and regulatory notices must be obeyed at all times.

Administrators, faculty, and staff may report in tag numbers for student traffic violations.



Parking no/wrong zone  $20.00
Blocking drive, walkway, fireplug  $20.00
Parking on Grass or Lawn  $20.00
Speeding   $50.00
Running a Stop Sign  $50.00
Reckless Driving (county ticket could be issued)  $50.00
Wrong Way on One-Way Street  $20.00
Parking in Handicapped Zone  $75.00