SMCC PTK Honors-in-Action Presentation

SMCC's Phi Theta Kappa Omicron Delta chapter presented its Honors-In-Action presentation “Longwood Plantation: A Study through the Lens of Beauty and Vulgarity” November 11th in the Student Union auditorium. Phi Theta Kappa officers Me’Oshia Williams, Neil Chadala, Haley Simmons, Brittany McGuire, Cody Pol, Jenna Van Dan, Mohammad Mohammad, Garrett Szopinski, Madison Martin, and Advisor, Dr. Jennifer McLaughlin discussed Longwood antebellum plantation through a social, historical, and architectural view. Longwood, located in Natchez, Mississippi, is a historic octagonal mansion built in 1860, but it was never completed.

PTK Honors-in-Action Presentation