Student Services

The division that I lead is composed of Campus Police, Student Housing, the office of Financial Aid, Disability Support Services, Student Activities, Intercollegiate Athletics, and Academic Counseling. If there is something that I can help you with do not hesitate to see me in Kenna Hall. Please feel free to email me or call in addition to visiting my office. I am in the office from 8:00AM until 4:30PM.

I am always ready to hear your joys, concerns, ideas that will make Southwest a better place, and of course your complaints.


Bill Ashley, Ph.D.-Community College Leadership, M.B.A.-Economics, B.B.A.-Finance
Vice-President for Student Affairs, Title IX Coordinator, and Director of Athletics
Southwest Mississippi Community College
1156 College Drive
Summit, MS 39666

Student Services Team
Bill Ashley Vice-President of Student Affairs 601.276.3717
Danelle Dunaway Secretary to the Vice-President of Student Affairs 601.276.4810
Ashley Gray (Sasser) Director of Student Activities and Housing 601.276.3732
Rhonda Gibson Director of Disability Support Services 601.276.3885
Joni Wilkinson Financial Aid Director 601.276.3708
Pat Young Director of Counseling and Recruiting 601.276.3844
Michael Gunnell Director of Sports Information 601.276.3838