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Contact Southwest

To contact us by mail, send correspondence to:

Southwest Mississippi Community College
1156 College Drive
Summit, MS 39666  

For more specific information, you may contact one of the following:

Dr. Steve Bishop, President 601-276-3701
Registrar's Office 601-276-2001
Academic Counseling, Pre-Registration
Director of Academic Counseling 601-276-3844
Financial Aid, Work-Study, Scholarships
Director of Financial Aid 601-276-3708
Vice-President of Student Affairs 601-276-4805
Summer School, Evening Classes
Vice-President of Instructional Affairs 601-276-3705
Career-Technical Education
Career-Technical Counselor 601-276-3722
Workforce Training
Workforce Center Director 601-276-3889
Veterans' Affairs
Director of Financial Aid 601-276-3708
Distance Learning
Distance Learning Coordinator 601-276-3705
Switchboard Operator 601-276-2000