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The Registrar’s Office / Office of Admissions is responsible for maintaining the records of previous, current, and prospective students of for-credit courses offered at SMCC. Duties include granting requests of transcripts, overseeing process of registration, verifying completion of documents needed for admission, certifying eligibility of student athletes, confirming requirements of graduates, maintaining attendance records, and determining residence status of applicants.

To contact the Office of Admissions/Registrar’s Office directly, call 601-276-2001.

GET ENROLLED! Here are the nine simple steps to follow in order to enroll in classes at Southwest MS CC.

  1. Monitor registration deadlines by reviewing the appropriate academic calendar.
  2. Complete all general admissions requirements by submitting an application for admission as well as official copies of all HS/college transcripts and ACT scores to the Office of Admissions, 1156 College Drive, Summit, MS 39666.

    *Students interested in the Associate Degree Nursing or a Career-Technical program may be required to submit additional applications/documentation to those offices as well.

    *High school students seeking dual enrollment should also submit a letter of recommendation from either their principal or counselor.
  3. Apply for financial aid.
  4. If you're planning to stay on campus, submit a dorm reservation form and deposit.
  5. Meet with your advisor to schedule your classes

    * Current, returning, and transfer students can schedule to meet the appropriate advisor or counselor based upon the chosen program of study.

    * Students that have not attended college before will meet with a faculty advisor during freshman orientation.
  6. Complete Registration in the Business Office before attending or logging into any classes.

    You may choose from among several methods to complete registration. You may visit the Business Office in the Britte E. Hughey Administration Building on campus or call 601.276.4808 or 601.276.3702. Alternatively, you may complete registration online by logging into Access Southwest. If you complete registration online you must pay the entire balance that is due.
  7. Purchase and/or rent textbooks beginning one week before classes begin in the SMCC Bookstore.
  8. Pick up a student ID card and a parking hangtag beginning one week before classes begin in the Student Services office.
  9. Go to class!